Table Highlights: Amy Caldwell’s Table

Hello again ladies!  I hope everyone is gearing up for a wonderful Thanksgiving!  It’s supposed to be 90 degrees on Thursday, so maybe a Thanksgiving BBQ would be the best way to go!

This week we are highlighting Amy Caldwell’s table.  This table has a great mix of moms who are veterans Grace for Moms and moms who are new to our group!  Stop by their table at our next meeting and say hello!

  1. How many kids to you have between you: 21 total.  Boys-13, Girls-8
  2. How many states have you lived in: 10.  Erin is the most with 4.
  3. How many countries have you visited: Lots!  Again, Erin has the most with 13
  4. How many languages spoken: 3
  5. How many Churches represented: 5


Amy Caldwell's Table


Table Highlights: Lynn Caldwell’s Table

Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away!  I can hardly believe it!  I hope you are all enjoying the cooler temperatures and that you have been able to implement more peace in your homes this week after hearing the wonderful Cheryl Ernst speak about it last week.

This week we are highlighting Lynn Caldwell’s Table on the blog!  This fun group of ladies have 20 kids between them and have visited 39 countries!  Stop by and say hi to them next week!

  1. How many children?  20 total.  12 girls and 8 boys
  2. How many countries visited?  39!  Michelle has visited the most at 18
  3. How many languages spoken?  2, English and Sign Language
  4. How many churches represented? 4
  5. How many states have you lived in?  8 States with Julie and Sara living in the most


Lynn's Table

Table Highlights: Esther Dennis Table

Hello again Ladies!  Halloween is over, fall is officially upon us, and there are only 7 more weeks until Christmas!  This week is also our Annual Holiday Boutique!  Please tell all your friends and family to come out and support our biggest fundraiser of the year and get some of their Christmas shopping done early!

This week we are highlighting Esther Dennis’ table!  As you can see from their picture, they are a fun loving group of ladies!  Stop by their table tomorrow and say hi!

1. How many kids do you have between all of you?  20 (10 boys, 10 girls)
2. How many countries have you visited?  25.  Susan Caldwell has visited the most
3. How many languages spoken at your table?  2 languages
4. How many churches are represented at your table?  3 churches
5. How many states have you lived in?  9 states

Esther Dennis Table

Table Highlights: Jamie’s Table

Hello Laides!  Can you believe we are already half way through our semester?  Crazy, right?  Anyways, this week we have Jamie Ward’s table.  Now, I may be a bit biased, but this is one awesome table!  Here are the stats:

  1. Children -20 (13 boys, 7 girls)
  2. Countries-29.  Diana Atkins has the most with 10(Brazil, Spain, Russia, Belgium, Italy, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Austria, & Israel)
  3. Languages-4
  4. Churches represented- 5
  5. States we have lived in: 13.  Brenna Round(me!) has the most with 5(CA, WA, AZ, TX, OH)

Come say hello to our great table!  We promise you’ll leave laughing!

Jamie's Table

Table Highlights: Jackie’s Table

This week we are highlighting Jackie DeLong’s table!  If you want to know anything about raising girls, come visit this table as they have 16 girls between them!  Stop on over and say hi to these lovely ladies!

1. How many children do you have between all the ladies at your table? 6 boys and 16 girls(with one more on the way!)
2. How many countries visited? 20.  Lyndy Cass(mentor mom) has visited the most at 17
3. How many languages spoken? 3
4. How many churches represented? 2
5. How many states have you all lived in? 7.  Lyndy and Danielle have lived in the most with 3 each.

Jackie's Table


Table Highlights: Nadine’s Table

This week we are highlighting Nadine’s table!  Nadine’s table has 2 new moms and also hosts our Boutique coordinator!  Stop by and say hello to this fun group of ladies!

1. Number of children: total 11 boys and 10 girls
2. Countries visited: 21 total, Christi Low has visited the most at 15
3. Languages spoken: 7
4. Churches represented 5(Christ Lutheran, United Methodist, Grace Community, OLPH, Grace Baptist)
5. States lived in: 20 total, Jenn Miller and Pat De Young have lived in 4 states each


Table Highlights: Christine’s Table

Our second table highlight is Christine Hefler’s Table!  Christine’s table boasts 4 moms who are new to our group this year!  Stop by this table if you are interested in learning Farsi or French!

1) How many children do you have between all the ladies at your table?
Boys- 7
Girls- 10

2). How many countries visited?
40 countries. Mentor Mom Jeanne Marshall has visited the most countries (26)!

3). How many languages spoken?
4 total (English, French, Spanish, Farsi)

4) How many churches represented?
3 churches (Grace Baptist, Faith Community, The Church on the Way)

5). How many states have you all lived in?
14 states.  Christine has lived in 10 states!


Christine's Table

Missing from the photo are:  Melanie Knox and Samantha Siebert




Table Highlights: Blanca’s Table

Our first table highlight is Blanca Aguila’s table!  This is our Spanish speaking table and every single mom at this table is new to Grace for Moms!  So, if you see any of these lovely ladies, walk on over and say hi!

1) How many children do you have between all the ladies at your table?
Boys- 4
Girls- 14

2). How many countries visited?
21 countries. Cleo Razana has visited the most countries (6).

3). How many languages spoken?
14 total (WOW!!!)

4) How many churches represented?
1 church

5). How many states have you all lived in?
12 states


Questions from moms new to G4M

Just 2 more days until our first meeting!  I can hardly wait!  While many of us are veterans of Grace for Moms (formally MOPS), we have 33 new moms joining us this semester!  It is a blessing to see how God has grown this ministry and I can’t wait to see how He will use all of us to bless others in our communities.

Recently, our new moms got together for a meet and greet before our semester starts.  We wanted to know if they had any questions that we could answer before our first meeting to make the first day run a little bit smoother.  Here are their questions:

Where do I park?  It is easiest to park in the 2 lots on either side of the Conference Center (Building A).  The easiest way to access these lots is to turn into the second driveway(if coming from Seco/Plum, first driveway if coming from opposite direction).  Follow the road up the hill and the building will be on your right.
What time should I arrive? Childcare begins at 8:45am.  You may want to arrive a few minutes earlier than that, especially on the first day, to get through the childcare check in process.  You definitely want to arrive before 9am so you can get a raffle ticket for being on time!

Where is the bathroom? If you walk through the main back doors of the conference center(near the sound booth), turn left out of the doors and the bathrooms will be on your left.
Where and how do I check my child(ren) into childcare? Walk down the childcare hallway (you can’t miss it, it is painted with a camping theme!) and you will come to the main desk.  Turn left when you hit the desk and walk until you see a set of glass double doors on your right.  Walk through the doors and then immediately turn right and you will see a counter with several computers/printers.  The computers will ask you for your last name.  Type it in and then follow the promptings.  Nametags for your child(ren) should print out at the end.  You will place one sticker on your child(ren)’s back and you will keep the other two stickers(for now).  Then, find your child’s classroom by looking a the name lists posted on the doors to each classroom.  Homeschooled children are upstairs.  Your stickers will have a number printed on them.  If the childcare workers need you for any reason during the meeting, your number will flash up on a screen in the corners of the building.  When the meeting is over, you will pick up your child and place the second name tag on the sign in paperwork in each classroom.  This assures the childcare workers that your child has been picked up by the correct person.
Where do I sit? When you walk into the conference center, there will be a white board with a seating chart for all the tables.  Find your table leader’s and head on over to your table!  Your table leader will have your name tag sitting out for you!
What should I wear? We see everything from pajamas and sweats, to jeans and leggings, to dresses and skirts!  Remember, we will be sitting for approximately 2.5 hours, so dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable!  It can be a little chilly in the room, especially with the AC on during the summer.  You may want to bring a light jacket or cardigan just in case you get cold easily.
Where is the coffee/tea? The coffee and tea are located in the back of the conference center next to the main entrance/exit.  If you are looking towards the back of the room, you will see the sound booth in the middle, the main doors to the right of that, and then the kitchen opening to the right of the doors.  The coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and creamers are right through that opening!
Do I need to be a young mom to be part of the group? No way!  This group is for moms who have at least 1 kid who is in Kindergarten or younger, regardless of mom’s age!  We have several moms who have teenagers at home, and many more who have 1 or more kids in elementary school, but still have little ones at home.  Regardless of mom’s age, we are all in the same season of life: Raising children who are 0-6 years of age!
Should I bring a bible? You are always welcome to bring your Bible, but it is not required!  Many of our speakers will have handouts with verses printed on them, but you can use your own Bible or Bible app on your phone if you so choose!

Grace for Moms Annual Boutique

Hello Ladies!  Less than one week until we are back together again!  I wanted to send out a reminder to all of you about our annual boutique that is coming up in November.  If you are new to Grace for Moms, the boutique is our biggest fundraiser of the year.

Boutique Information
Date: Saturday November 4, 2017

Time: 9:00am – 2:00pm

Address: Grace Baptist Church, 22833 Copper Hill Drive, Santa Clarita CA. 91350

Admission: FREE!

Featuring: 60+ vendors selling handmade gifts and home décor, children’s items, clothing, jewelry, and more

Raffles: Prizes from boutique vendors, local businesses, restaurants, and family and children’s activities

Food: Food Trucks and a Bake Sale

This is a great opportunity to get a head start on your Christmas shopping while supporting local businesses!  The boutique is only 2 months away so mark it on your calendars now and start spreading the word to your friends and family!  If you have any questions, or if you know a vendor who might be interested in participating, please contact our Boutique coordinator, Jennifer Miller, at